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Website SEO Audit Tool
This tool helps you to audit the website. With the help of this tool you can audit Meta tags, Like Title tag, Meta description of the webiste. Page load time of the website.
This auditing tool gives the list of tasks. With the help of those tasks you can improve website quality. Website SEO Audit tool do the following analysis.
Page Speed Analysis - Page speed is the main metric, If we improve our website page speed then we can get the good amount of organic traffic. URL Analysis - Url is the main part, If our web page url is having good structure then we can have good visibilty and users click more on our urls, Beacuse structure of url state clearly.
Title tag - Title tag analysis with character limit.
Description - Description analysis with character limit and keyword insertion into description.
Image analysis - Alt tag analysis.
Heading Tags Analysis - SEO audit tool analyze the heading tags of the web page. If your heading tags are according to your web page then this tool gives you seo score.
Content Analysis - Website SEO Audit tool audit the web page content. It analyze the webpage content and score it accordingly.
Social Button Analysis - Social button analysis helps to find the social presence of the web page according the keywords.


Analyses title tag length and keyword position


Analyses the loading speed of your website

URL Analysis

Checks if URL is SEO Friendly, has keyword, etc.

Meta Tags

Analyses meta keywords & description tags

Heading Tags

Analyses h1, h2 & h3 heading tags content

Text Analysis

Checks your text contents and analyses it

Image Analysis

Counts the images and analyses them for alt tags, etc.


Checks if is W3 Valid, flash elements, text to HTML ratio, etc.

Social Buttons

Checks if social sharing buttons are present or not

Top Words

Returns single most used keywords pair along their count


Checks if viewport & apple icon tag are present

Task List

Computes a list of tasks based on the SEO Report result

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